Visionary Entrepreneur

Devin Lockett

Visionary Entrepreneur

Devin Lockett

Devin Lockett is a man of many talents and passions. A Los Angeles based entrepreneur, Devin has brought innovation to the fields of healthcare, media, the arts, and even food service. Devin Lockett has worked throughout the United States and in over 30 foreign countries. Devin Lockett is fluent in Spanish, and has a working knowledge of several other languages. Devin Lockett possesses a unique imagination, energy, and ability to think outside of the box in any situation. This gives Devin the advantage of being able to adjust, adapt, and improvise, overcoming unexpected obstacles to achieve the teleological objective of any project. Devin Lockett is a resourceful problem solver, and your go-to guy for any ambitious project.

How can Devin help you?

Devin Lockett can provide you with consultation and guidance toward the accomplishment of any project. Follow the links below to learn more about his areas of expertise.


Business Consulting

Devin can provide any business with strategies that can help catapult an enterprise to the top of its industry.


Life Coaching

Devin uses a combination of technological, dietary, spiritual, philosophical, exercise, and lifestyle reccomendations that improve quality of life.


Healthcare Technology

Devin Lockett is the founder of the BiomedRx family of companies. He has developed innovative strategies for the mamagement of healthcare technology.

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Devin Lockett
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