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Los Angeles Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, and Life Coach
Devin Lockett

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Devin Lockett.

Devin is a life coach who is focused on empowering clients to achieve peak performance in their personal and professional lives.

Devin is a professional consultant who has grown many enterprises.

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Creative Enterprise

Devin Lockett is a creative, visionary entrepreneur. He has developed unique business models that have brought innovation to the fields of healthcare technology and holistic health, as well as media and new media production.

Fine Art

Devin is a classically-trained painter and sculptor. He attended Fine Art studies at Bellas Artes del San Fernando of the University of Madrid, Spain; the McNay Institute of San Antonio, and the Otis Institute of Parson’s School of Design in Los Angeles, California.


Devin is a film school graduate and auteur. His IMDB credits include acting as well as cinematographer credits. He is the producer of the series “The Tunnel TV” and other productions.

Holistic Health

Devin is considered a Holistic health guru of sorts. Devin’s involvement in high-tech holistic health modalities, such as neurofeedback and biomagnetic pair therapy, has positioned him as one of the forerunners in the holistic health industry.


A well-traveled entrepreneur, Devin has worked in over 50 countries. Proficient in several languages, Devin is an ambassador of international culture and understanding.

Peak Performance

Let Devin teach you how to extract the most out of yourself, and life. The Devin Lockett/BiomedRx protocol of high-tech holistic therapies, exercise, diet and supplementation with empower you to achieve peak cognitive and physical performance.


Devin Lockett is an American filmmaker, actor, artist, entrepreneur and healthcare technology consultant. He presently resides in Beverly Hills, California. He is the founder and president of Lockett Productions, Lockett Pictures, and BiomedRx Inc. He is best known for his portrayal of criminalist Richard Maruoka on the Court TV series "L.A. Forensics".


Lockett was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and attended St. Augustine High School, John F. Kennedy High School and L. E. Rabouin High School. He graduated from the Fine and Commercial Art programs at L. E. Rabouin High School in 1983.

Military Career

From 1983 to 1988 he served in the United States Air Force as a Russian linguist and Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technician. He served an extended tour in Spain at Torrejón Air Base, located near Madrid. While stationed in Spain he studied Fine Art at Bellas Artes del San Fernando of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in the Moncloa district of Madrid, Spain. He earned Top Secret SCI/SBI Security Clearance in the U. S. Air Force and was honorably discharged in 1988.

Acting Career

Upon receiving his honorable discharge from the Air Force in 1988, Lockett moved to Los Angeles, California. He began his theatrical acting career as one of the original members of The Hittite Empire, under the artistic direction of poet, author, playwright and artistic director Keith Antar Mason. With The Hittite Empire, Lockett performed in theatrical and performance art works in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and London, England. At this time he also studied Fine Art at the Otis Institute of Parsons School of Design.

Lockett soon began television and film acting through the traditional routes, by doing extra work and acting in independent films. He earned his eligibility to join the Screen Actors Guild in a featured appearance in "The Fast & Furious, 4". He played criminalist Richard Maruoka on the Court TV series L. A. Forensics, produced by Morning Star Productions, for four seasons. He was also featured on the Spike TV series The Deadliest Warrior as a biomedical engineering consultant and on-air host.

Film Career

Lockett studied film directing and cinematography at the Los Angeles City College School of Cinema Studies and California State University, Los Angeles. He presently produces and directs independent films in Los Angeles.

Healthcare Technology Career

After serving a five-year enlistment in the United States Air Force as a Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technician, Lockett worked for several healthcare facilities, medical device manufacturers and independent service organizations. In 1997 he incorporated BiomedRx, Inc. in Miami, Florida. Through BiomedRx, Inc. he developed training programs and gave instruction in the maintenance of biomedical and medical imaging equipment in the United States and in 28 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Lockett performed this training in English as well as in Spanish. Lockett authored the technical training manual Electrical Safety Made Easy, which is still widely used today.

Devin Lockett

Frequently Asked Questions about Devin Lockett

Devin Lockett is an American entrepreneur, artist, actor and filmmaker living in California.
Devin Lockett pursues entrepreneurial ventures in healthcare technology, holistic health, and media. He is an internationally recognized consultant, artist, actor, and filmmaker.
While fame is a relative term, Devin Lockett has earned some recognition in the visual and cinematic arts, as well as theater and performance art.
Yes. Devin Lockett opened the Melange Gallery in downtown Los Angeles in 1990.
Yes. Devin Lockett is an actor, and a member of the SAG-AFTRA union. His professional acting credits are available on the Internet Movie Database. Devin Lockett on the Internet Movie Database
Devin Lockett was an early member of the Hittite Empire, a Black American theater and performance art troupe lead by artistic director Keith Antar Mason. Devin Lockett performed with the Hittite Empire across the United States and in London, England.
Yes. Devin Lockett is an experienced film auteur, director, and cinematographer. His production credits are available on the Internet Movie Database. Devin Lockett on the Internet Movie Database
Devin Lockett studied film and television production at the University of Sound Arts, Los Angeles City College, and California State University, Los Angeles.
Devin Lockett
Yes. Devin Lockett is an experienced model.
Devin is available for booking through the contact information below.
Yes. Devin Lockett is a voice over artist. One of Devin Lockett’s voice over demo recordings can be heard by following this link:

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Yes. Devin Lockett is an experienced entrepreneur.
Devin is the founder of the BiomedRx family of companies, plus many other businesses. These include Job Site Route, The Tunnel TV, and VidSearch Marketing, to name only a few.
Yes. Devin Lockett is an experienced holistic health practitioner, and the owner of the BiomedRx Health Center.
Yes. Devin Lockett is an experienced neurofeedback clinician, and a graduate of the EEG Institute.
Yes. Devin Lockett is an experienced biomedical equipment maintenance technician and clinical engineer. His is a US Air Force BMET with over 40 years of experience in medical equipment repair and maintenance. His areas of expertise include biomedical equipment, anesthesia equipment, medical imaging equipment, dialysis equipment, and scientific laboratory equipment. His service specialties include medical equipment repair, installation, calibration, preventive maintenance and electrical safety inspection.
Yes. Devin Lockett is an author who is currently developing the book Black American Party.
Yes. Devin Lockett is a fashion designer, and the president of the Kaliano Romeo fashion collection.
Kaliano Romeo fashion by Devin Lockett

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